How to Setup WordPress Caching Using WP Super Cache

This article will show you how to install and configure WP Super Cache to make your WordPress site faster than before.

What Is WP Super Cache?

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WP Super Cache is a very fast WordPress caching plugin that generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. So instead of loading the heavy PHP scripts of your blog, your visitors will be served with these static html files which will make your blog appear to load faster.

Install WP Super Cache

First thing you need to do is login to your WordPress admin area. Next, click on Plugins > Add New.

Type in “wp super cache” in Search Plugins box to search for WP Super Cache plugin.

search wp super cache

Next, click Install Now button to install the plugin.

install wp super cache

WordPress will now install your plugin and show you a button to activate the plugin. Click on the Activate button and you’ve successfully installed and activated WP Super Cache plugin.

Enable WordPress Caching

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you’ll see the result like the screenshot below.

wp super cache

By default, WP Super Cache plugin is disabled. Click on Plugin Admin Page link to enable the plugin.

Enable caching by clicking on button next to Caching On. Once you’ve enabled the option click on Update Status button.

wp super cache, enable cache

After turning on the cache, click on the Test Cache button to check if it is working.

wp super cache, cache tester

WP Super Cache will fetch your WordPress site twice and will compare the time stamps of both pages. If the both time stamps match then this means that caching is working on your site now.

Configure Advanced Settings

Go to Settings > WP Super Cache and click on Advanced tab. The options on this page can further improve your site’s performance.

wordpress caching, wp super cache, advanced caching

Cache hits to this website for quick access – Check to turn on the caching.

Next you will find three caching options. By default plugin uses PHP to serve cache file option. This option will serve cached pages that will be processed by PHP engine. This consumes more CPU.

Instead of this option enable Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files option. This is the fastest option and allows WordPress to serve static cached pages without invoking PHP engine.

wordpress caching, wp super cache, advanced misc setting

Compress pages so they’re served more quickly to visitors – Check to enable compression.

Compression allows WP Super Cache to serve cached files as compressed files. These files are downloaded by user browsers quickly due to their smaller size. By default this option is disabled.

304 not Modified browser caching – Check to enable the option.

This is a small header that is sent to visiting browsers. This indicates when a page has not been modified since last request.

The cached pages are not fit for the users who comment on your website or regularly login to your site. So enable Don’t Cache pages for known users. This option allows administrator and other user to see actual data without any caching.

Don’t cache with GET parameters – Check to enable the option.

Cache rebuild – Check to enable the option.

This option is useful for the site in which there are lot of people logged in and they don’t edit much content on your site.

Once you’re done with all settings in Advanced tab, click on Update Status button.

When you click on update button, WP Super Cache will show a notification that “Mod_Rewrite Rules must be updated”. Now scroll down to the page till “Mod Rewrite Rules” and click on Update Mod_Rewrite Rules to update these rules. Once Mod_Rewrite Rules are updated this section will turn green.

Next set the time and frequency up to which the cached data on your server will be valid. By default, in terms of garbage collection the Cache timeout is 3600 seconds. If you have large number of article on your site then set lower time.

That’s it. Once you completely implement WP Super Cache, your WordPress site should be considerably faster than before.

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