How to Add Social Media Button Using Floating Social Bar

This article will show you how to add social media button on your WordPress site using Floating Social Bar.

What Is Floating Social Bar?

wordpress plugin, floating social bar

Floating Social Bar is simple social media plugin for WordPress that allows you to maximize your social media visibility without impacting your site speed.

Floating Social Bar adds a horizontal floating share bar to your blog posts, pages, and other post types. The floating ability allows this eye-catching social media bar to get you maximum shares.

Unlike other social media plugins for WordPress, Floating Social Bar only offers share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Floating Social Bar only loads scripts when necessary. None of the social media scripts are loaded on the initial page load. They use socialite technique to only load social scripts when the user brings their mouse over the button. Doing this allows the plugin to keep your site just as fast as it would load without any social plugins.

Install Floating Social Bar

First thing you need to do is login to your WordPress admin area. Next, click on Plugins > Add New.

Type in “floating social bar” in Search Plugins box to search for Floating Social Bar plugin.

wordpress, search floating social bar

Next, click Install Now button to install the plugin.

wordpress, floating social bar

WordPress will now install your plugin and show you a button to activate the plugin. Click on the Activate button and you’ve successfully installed and activated Floating Social Bar plugin.

Configure Floating Social Bar

When you activate the plugin, you will see a new menu under Settings with the name Floating Social Bar. Click the menu to configure Floating Social Bar plugin.

Next, drag and drop social networks you’d like to use from Available Social Services to Enabled Social Services and order them the way you’d like them to show in the page.

wordpress, floating social bar, order service

Next, change the plugin settings to fit your need.

wordpress, floating social bar, plugin setting

Social Bar Label – Text shown next to the buttons, you can leave it empty if you want no label.

Show Bar On Single – You can choose the post types you want to add the floating social share bar such as posts, pages, or any other custom post type.

Twitter Username – If you want tweet text to say “via @YourUsername” in the end, fill this field, otherwise it can stay empty.

Interval to Update Stats – Floating Social Bar doesn’t load social widgets as soon as a page is loaded, instead it shows images that look like social widgets and updates the count in these images every X seconds, this can impact load time dramatically

Pinterest Image Fallback – If you want to use Pinterest button, you can provide image URL to use as fallback image for posts that have no images in them

Make Social Bar Static – Check the box to make the bar static. Then you can choose to position it above the content, below the content, or both.

Disable Socialite – This option basically stops the flickering that some users don’t want. Note, this will not load any scripts and open the share box in new window.

That’s it. Now when you go to your post page, there will be a horizontal floating share bar.

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